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The face of automotive luxury is rapidly changing. With the advent of pure-electric powertrains, absurd acceleration is a given and big, burly engine soundtracks are no longer the unassailable signifiers of power and affluence they once were. Every new model has a big screen and loads of active safety features. There’s a lot less separation than there used to be between mainstream and viralslot77 premium. So what does the future of electric luxury look like? I suspect it looks a lot like this 2023 Genesis GV60.

For all of their high technology and boundless optimism, most of today’s luxury automakers fail to bake any sort of wonder or whimsy into their EVs’ visuals or cabin hardware. Most Teslas leave fun or frivolity up to their code programmers — to come up with things like infotainment games and fart noises. Aside from the Model X’s falcon doors, Tesla’s current production vehicles are remarkably sterile as pieces of design to prioritize aerodynamics and control costs. And with the exception of the new GT, <a website E-Trons are all but visually indistinguishable from their gas-powered models. Ditto <a website models. But not this <a website It looks utterly unique, and it's chock full of upscale surprise-and-delight features.

To be clear, the first dedicated-platform EV from <a website premium brand still has slippery aerodynamics very much at the core of its design. In fact, while the automaker considers the GV60 to be an SUV, everything about it screams five-door hatchback to me, from its 6.2 inches of ground clearance (less than a Toyota Sienna minivan) to its raked rear window and pavement-only tires. That’s no surprise considering the same is true of the Genesis’ E-GMP platform-mates, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. The GV60’s exterior has loads of distinctive jewelry and visual interest, from its unusual Spiderman-logo grille and twin-slash headlamps to its heartbeat-like Volt C-pillar design and split rear window. Even the wheels are aggressively funky. Personally, I find the design to be more interesting than attractive, but there’s little doubt this compact crossover stands out.

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