Course Code
Arts & Communication
Department/ Centre
Department of Music
Programme Type/ Requirements
Course Features/ Requirements
Full Time, Taught, Blended, Core Course, Four Credits, Continuous Evaluation

Learning Outcomes

1. Gain knowledge about the origin and evolution of music through the ages
2. Learn about different styles of music and musical forms through literary and non-literary sources of music
3. Assimilate the changes in practical aspects of performance in conformity to evolving theories
4. Understand the changing scenarios in music promotion, propagation and appreciation

Course Outline

*  A continuous timeline study of Indian Classical Music from Vedic, Post Vedic periods to Medieval and modern periods
*  Origins, evolution, instruments, bifurcation of Carnatic and Hindustani
*  History with respect to theoretical, compositional and performance practice frameworks
*  A study of literary sources, treatises such as Natyashastra, Dattilam, Brihaddesi, Sangeeta Ratnakara, Svaramelakalanidhi, Chaturdandi Prakasika, Sangeeta Sampradaya Pradarsini
*  A study of non-literary sources such as inscriptions, temple architecture, iconography and paintings
*  A historical study of music patronage and social mileu : Kings, Seats of Music, Temples and performance patronage upto and including modern times of Sabhas, Private institutions and Government and Corporate agencies

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Assessment Criteria

Attendance, Tests, Quizzes, Exams

Course Instructor/s
Dr. Pragya Pyasi, Dr. Pavani D