Course Code
Arts & Communication
Department/ Centre
Programme Type/ Requirements
Course Features/ Requirements
Full Time, Taught, Classroom, Blended, Core Course, Continuous Evaluation, Six Credits, Field Work

Learning Outcomes

On completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Recall the basic principles of composition
  • Identify the seven shot sizes
  • Recall the basic properties and characteristics of sound and its application in studio and field settings
  • Set up appropriate lighting for a shot/scene
  • Create shot breakdown for a scene
  • Reorder shots on an NLE set up for editing
  • Edit and output a simple continuity exercise in multiple video formats
Course Outline

This course will introduce students to the nature and practice of using audio and video equipment to create media and communicate with audiences.

Beginning with characteristics of sound and video, visual language, shot sizes and principles of composition, the course will proceed to teach them how to use an audio recorder and a video camera to capture sound and video while maintaining good lighting, audio, composition and sound quality.

It will also introduce them to the principles and application of digital audio and video editing to be able to tell a good story, maintaining different kinds of continuity while using effects and transitions in telling a story.

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Assessment Criteria

You will be required to: Attend all classes. A minimum of 75% attendance is mandatory Go beyond the readings prescribed for the course Attend & participate in all the discussions in the class Be original in all your assignments and submit them on time Late submissions will attract downgrading of 10%/day
Assignments & Grading: You will complete three assignments (mandatory): 60 marks End-semester examination: 40 marks Assignments & deadlines will be announced in the class Class sessions: As per the time-table Meetings/ tutorials: At assigned times

Course Instructor/s
Vasuki Belavadi, Janardhan Rao Cheeli

Contact Hours
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Phone Number