Course Code
Arts & Communication
Department/ Centre
Department of Music
Programme Type/ Requirements
Course Features/ Requirements
Full Time, Taught, Blended, Core Course, Four Credits, Continuous Evaluation

Learning Outcomes
  • Acquire knowledge about physiology and effective production of voice through various techniques
  • Improve skills in articulation of voice for emotional aspects in performance
  • Gain better control of breath and improve voice production
  • Strengthen their voice skills for virtuosity in erudite renditions
Course Outline
  • Towards an understanding of the physiology of the Voice, Acoustics of the Voice and Voice health
  • Voice frequency range (pitch range), amplitudinal range (dynamic range) and timbral range (tonal range)
  • Language, Pronunciation and Voice Culture (Solkattu, Chittaswara, Madhyamakaala Sahitya, Tarana/Thillana enunciation)
  • Indigenous Voice culture practices such as Kharaj bharna (lower register strength), Taseer (timbral control), Golai (voice roundness), Bulandgi (resonance)
  • Voice skills towards Gamakas, Anusvaras and Virtuosity (speed, power and range)
  • Voice and Bhaava – emotional expression through voice
  • Breathing exercises (pranayama) for breath control and uniform voice production
  • Voice culture as applied to Carnatic, Hindustani and Film Music.
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Assessment Criteria

Attendance, Tests, Quizzes, Exams

Additional Info

This course will introduce the students to the various aspects of Voice Culture –(physiological/performance), speech, diction, breath management and application of the techniques for aesthetic performances in various genres.

Course Instructor/s
Dr. Pavani D

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