You’ve come the right place to find Ghost immobilisers in your area. This device has many advantages, including prevention of key cloning, ECU switching, hacking and reducing the risk of theft. Find out more about the ways this device can safeguard your vehicle and wallet. You can also receive an insurance discount premium by fitting this device.

Ghost immobiliser prevents key cloning

The Ghost Immobiliser is a new type of key cloning protection device that does not rely on radio frequency signals, or the traditional key fobs. To stop key cloning the Ghost works in silence using the vehicle’s CAN data network. This feature guarantees the highest level of security throughout the day long. You’ll have to enter an unlock code to unlock your vehicle. This code is unique to you and mathematically impossible for thieves determine.

Ghost can be utilized in service mode. Exit times and speed are dependent on autowatch ghost price. It is sealed, Ghost immobiliser fitting near me meaning only the owner has access to the PIN code. If it is placed anywhere in the harness, the autowatch ghost price will stop key cloning and ghost car immobiliser prevent ECU swaps. Because it does not contain radio frequency signals, it is unable to be detected using RF scanning. You can make your car safe by installing an Ghost immobiliser. The device is not able to reveal the vehicle’s location.

The Ghost immobiliser has the added benefit of being able detect the owner’s pincode and unlock the vehicle. This feature makes it difficult for thieves to clone a key and get into the car. This device is so safe that thieves cannot steal keys to another vehicle. Ghost immobiliser is among the most secure and effective vehicle security devices.

Hacking is stopped

A Ghost immobiliser is an electronic key cloning prevention system that protects against theft of vehicles by restricting access for unauthorized persons to the engine control unit (ECU). This technology is extremely efficient and shields your vehicle from attacks of hacking. It also stops theft. It generates a PIN code using buttons on your vehicle that could be up to 20 digits long. The immobiliser offers several advantages over key cloning or towing.

A Ghost immobiliser is a device that is connected to the CAN data network of a vehicle. The device connects to vehicle’s ECU via CAN networks. This greatly reduces the risk of detection or hacking. Since it doesn’t send radio signals or light it is unable to prevent key cloning or hacking. A PIN code is required to unlock the vehicle. It can be between four to twenty characters in length.

The Ghost immobiliser connects to the data network of a vehicle via CAN bus. Once it is installed, it will connect to the vehicle’s ECU unit, preventing the theft of keys. The keys can be programmed to access the location of the immobiliser. This feature prevents thieves from gaining access to the car’s ECU unit when the driver doesn’t have the correct code. By encrypting the data, the Ghost immobiliser has stopped a number of recent car thefts.

Prevents ECU Swapping

Ghost immobilisers are advanced security devices that stop thieves from driving away in your car. The technology is hidden within the wiring of your car and cannot be removed by changing the ECU. Ghost users can use an encrypted iPhone app to remotely unlock and ghost ii immobiliser start their vehicle. To use the app, the vehicle must be locked and Bluetooth enabled. To get started, simply download the app for free and follow the instructions.

The Ghost immobiliser, the most recent in car security installation, is easy to install and protects thieves from taking your vehicle. It connects to your car’s CAN bus, and communicates with your ECU to stop illegal key cloning or ECU swapping. The device blocks unauthorized key copies or ECU swapping and requires a personal code to unlock your vehicle. Ghost immobilisers near me is an excellent option to shield your car from recent thefts. It is a highly flexible device and can be tailored to fit your car’s needs.

ghost immobiliser fitting near me immobilisers can be installed quickly and are compatible with all models and makes of cars. They are small and weatherproof, making it easy to install virtually anywhere. Ghost immobiliser fitting near me also hinders ECU swapping by blocking access to the car’s keys. Ghost immobilisers are not Thatcham-approved. Before installing them, you should consult a mechanic who is familiar with the model of your car.

Reduces risk of theft

You might have noticed an increase in the rate of theft in your vehicle if it has an entry system that is keyless. Ghost immobilisers can decrease the risk and keep your vehicle safe. It works similar to an iPhone app. It is connected to the vehicle’s ECU which means it can’t be taken out by a thief. It can only be serviced by an installer that is TASSA-approved.

The Ghost connects to the vehicle’s CAN BUS data bus and requires an identifier of four digits to start the engine. It makes use of the buttons on the driver’s seat to make the pin pad. It connects to the CAN BUS connector, which means it can be utilized with various car alarms and gadgets. It stops the theft or cloning of keys.


If it is fitted by an expert, a Ghost immobiliser can cost around PS450. It is less expensive to install a Ghost immobiliser than the other alarms. Installing a Ghost immobiliser is a great option to safeguard your vehicle particularly in the event of being stolen. One of the many companies that are in the Greater Manchester, Wigan or Oldham area can help you. Ghost immobilisers are more secure than traditional alarms as they do not have circuit cuts and traditional methods are not capable of detecting them.

Installing a ghost immobiliser is quite affordable and, if you have the money, it is well worth the cost. This security device safeguards your car from theft and makes it harder for thieves to take it. The device also stops the vehicle’s starting which makes it difficult for thieves to steal it. It can even stop hostage takings. Ghost immobiliser fittings are typically affordable enough for any budget, and there are several businesses near you that could install the fittings.

Installation of a Ghost Immobiliser is quick and easy. The Ghost Immobiliser is non-invasive and can be reverted. It will not end your vehicle’s warranty. It is also able to be transferred to a different vehicle. Ghost can be connected to any harness in your vehicle. It allows you to programme your PIN code and uses the vehicle’s buttons to enter the code. It also lets you program additional keys to your Ghost without the need for additional wiring.


A Ghost immobiliser fitting could be an option if you recently bought a vehicle or. These devices will protect your vehicle from theft if keys aren’t available. This system is an aftermarket vehicle immobiliser CAN-bus. It requires an unlock code to open your vehicle. The code could be up to 20 characters long , and Ghost immobiliser fitting near me consists of a number of possible buttons in the proper sequence.

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