As a global leader in providing atomization technology solutions, Smoore International is undoubtedly a leading company in electronic cigarettes. Smoore mainly operates two business segments, which are research, design and manufacture of closed electronic atomization devices and electronic devices for many world-leading vaping brand tobacco companies and independent electronic atomization companies, such as Japan Tobacco, British American Tobacco, RELX, NJOY, etc. Components, as well as the research, design, manufacture and sales of its own brand open electronic changing devices or advanced advanced personal electronic cigarette devices (APV) for retail customers.

In 2021, Smoore International will continue to maintain its position as the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic atomization equipment, and its global market share will increase from 18.9% in 2020 to 22.8% in 2021. However, after entering 2022, a series of policies targeting e-cigarettes have been promulgated and implemented. Announcement” and so on, these news made some media start to bad-mouth the e-cigarette industry. But in fact, from some perspectives, these policies are beneficial to us. Judging from the stock market trend, a large number of people also believe that Smoore is trustworthy. The promulgation of the e-cigarette national standard is mainly aimed at some non-standard atomizer processing factories. By restricting the use and limit of additives in e-liquid, evaluating accessible materials, and regulating other components of e-cigarette appliances, To ensure the safe use of electronic cigarettes, so as to better protect the health of consumers. Smoore has formulated a set of safe and standardized production methods and processes at the beginning of product production, so it does not have a big impact on us. We will continue to improve, do better, and fulfill our role as role models. In terms of taxation, Smoore believes that as a tobacco product, it is reasonable for the country to increase the consumption tax. In terms of export taxation of e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes “apply to the export rebate (exemption) tax policy”, which shows that the export of e-cigarettes is still subject to policy restrictions. Encouragement, we think it can afford it.

In general, smoore will continue to invest more resources in research and development and emerging technologies, creating more possibilities for the future of atomization technology. In addition, I would like to remind everyone that even in an environment where the policy is gradually complete, there are still many fake and inferior products on the market. Before buying and using, you need to carefully identify them to avoid misunderstandings.

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