Okay, finally a product for girls that’s actually helpful. If you are in search of one thing rather less Quasimodo than the solar powered backpacks on the market, the Photo voltaic Power fashion design women handbag comes full with an uber-geeky product quantity (C-TSP-B08) as well as an integrated photo voltaic cell for charging handheld gadgets resembling your “mobile phone walkman, CD Players or PDAs.” Very good. Ladies/metros, if any of you’ve got been holding out on us, toting about your cell phone walkman and all, please send us a tip – we won’t think about how Sony overlooked sending us a press launch.

There was also a brand new Duster Custom sequence whose rear decrease deck panel was decorated with a taillight-to-taillight shiny applique panel. This “boiler plate” was sadly also commonplace on the Gold Duster, the place consumers now had the choice of a brand new bodyside tape stripe very similar to the original Gold Duster’s or a bodyside protecting molding.

There may be one visible difference once you set up the device, and that’s the at all times-on Retina display. Now, when your wrist is lowered, the display will nonetheless present a modified model of no matter watchface you’ve, with the brightness dimmed to a low level. In fairness, you may have seen this form of function from other watch brands, like Samsung. For the uninitiated, the concept is which you could look at the time, even when it’s not convenient to raise your wrist. Say, when you’re in a meeting, or in the course of a bendy yoga pose, as one does. During my testing, I found myself glancing at the display during a two-and-a-half hour movie I saw in theaters — I used to be getting restless, however wanted to be discreet if I used to be going to test the time.

Even with eight years’ value of changes to its exterior styling, interior appointments, and drivetrain, there was no mistaking a 1978 Toronado as a member of the second generation of Oldsmobile’s entrance-wheel-drive private-luxury coupe. As it turned out, ’78 would mark the final time the imposing “Toro” would ever be this massive.

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