alpilean buyAnderson Silva is a Brazilian-born mixed martial arts fighter as well as existing Middleweight Champion in the UFC. He can hold probably the longest active winning from ten wins and it is considered the number one pound for pound fighter in the UFC. Nicknamed “The Spider,” Silva dominates opponents with his long legs, extraordinary endurance, and power. He’s one of the bets athletes in the UFC and works amazingly hard to maintain his chiseled physique as well as fighting shape.

Silva’s exercise strategy consists of some time dedicated to cardio, flexibility, wrestling / boxing or fighting skills, and weight lifting. His goals are to build a strong body while keeping within his weight demands and remaining fleet-footed and quick.


The exercise routine routine of his contains distance running (3 – five miles), followed by periods of high intensity interval training. Usually meaning shorter (100 meter) sprints, pushups, pull-ups, mountain climbers, along with other bodyweight movements made to stimulate the central nervous system and improve optimum oxygen intake.

Cardio is adhered to by rigorous stretching which includes stretching his arms, legs, and core not only to maintain freedom, but to make certain that his muscles stay loose, limber, and capable of his famous quick strikes.

Weight Lifting

Silva works out with a program that comes with heavy compound lifts for example squats, deadlifts, and power cleans. An equivalent schedule is as follows:

Workout A: 3×5 back squat, 3×5 bench press, 3×5 power completely clean Workout B: alpilean ingredients (continue reading this..) 3×5 back squat, 3×5 overhead press, 1×5 deadlift

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