Seeds are a favorite of children as they germinate. This is particularly true when seeds are sprouting quickly. Alfalfa is an easy-to-grow seed that should grow within a week. To observe the seeds sprout in the soil, بذور برسيم مصري مسقاوي [] sprinkle a few alfalfa seedlings on a sheet of paper towel that is damp.

You will require:

a packet of alfalfa seeds (about 1.5g)

A small dish or saucer

Three pieces of paper towel

A spray mister or small water container

How to Grow

Wet 3 pieces of paper towels and put them on top of one another flat on a table.

After that, you should drain the water off the plate. The paper towel must be moist, but the seeds shouldn’t be floating in the water.

Spread the seeds evenly onto the towel.

To stop the paper towel from drying out, put it on a sunny windowill covered with water. It is possible to use spray bottles or misters to wet the seeds, or simply add a small amount of water to the saucer by using the smallest cup or jug.

Check your seeds every day to check how they’re growing.


Alfalfa seed is easy to plant and should be able to germinate in just 2-6 days. Here are a few things to be aware of should your seeds not sprout within this time.

Too dry Seeds need water to develop. Alfalfa seeds absorb around half their weight in water before they germinate. This makes them appear to be swelling. Seeds that aren’t dry enough are not able to germinate. Add more water to the plate until the seeds are damp but not floating in the water. It is also possible to soak your seeds overnight, but ensure that you drain and rinse them off with fresh water before spreading them on the paper towel.

Too wet: Seeds that are too humid may cause their roots and their shoots to decay before they are able to develop. The seeds may also become mouldy. While it’s okay for the paper towel and seeds to remain damp but they shouldn’t be submerged in water. The excess water should be removed from the plate each when you water or mist the seeds.

Too cold or hot: The best temperature for alfalfa to grow is 20-25degC. If you’re growing your seeds in winter, you can put them in a cool spot indoors. If you’re growing your seeds in extremely warm temperatures, بذور برسيم مصري مسقاوي it is possible to water them more often because they’ll dry out more quickly.

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