Course Code
Arts & Communication
Department/ Centre
Department of Music
Programme Type/ Requirements
Course Features/ Requirements
Full Time, Taught, Blended, Core Course, Continuous Evaluation, Six Credits

Learning Outcomes

1. Acquire ability to render alapana of ragas in different stages
2. Understand the scope of alapana for various categories of ragas
3. Learn the methods of delineation of raga in several tempos
4. Gain knowledge about the concept of modal shift of tonic and its application in different ragas

Course Outline

* Development of alapana/alap – methods and modes
* Structure, Stages and types of alapana/alap
* Methods, Strategies and Styles of alapana/alap renditions
* Alapana/Alap delineation in different types of ragas (Ghana, Rakti, Sampoorna, Audava/Shadava, Vivadi, Desya etc.)
* Alapana/Alap delineation of different durations and different kalapramanas
* Assimilation of raga concepts and practices such as Grahabheda in a variety of ragas

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Assessment Criteria

Attendance, Tests, Quizzes, Exams

Course Instructor/s
Dr. Pavani D, Dr. Aranyakumar M