Elena Likhach with husband Oleg, stated about features of online-isolation of China

Happy greet all our own users! Accommodation in Kit-х short years given the opportunity and husband in many fascinating of China near Hong Kong). Elena Likhach

Immense Under-Heaven, certainly, personally I not I had time to see completely, but on the other hand conditioned personal view based on interdict on use international

. To these let’s say relate to: search engine Google, websites Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp messenger. Local variations exists, usage which,

considering the opinion of of the Chinese, constructs power independent.

Access to close foreign services was blocked instantly and zhes. Driving into the address line required site foreign beginning – you always may see mistake in other words blank.

Traveler Elena Likhach

To Locals similar and for tourists sometimes- never is done surprise.

Variants circle, definitely, a long time ago invented, will help to you VPN Internet networks. Thanks unpaid and more non-free services you will certainly may have and in China.

Chinese in comparison from Russians observe veto yes and not at all str.

Spitefully webmasters from China functionally . In professionalism and web resources and more browsers on currently underperform, performance parameters lousier.

But progress does not stand still, as certified some settings issued exactly in China.

After half a year ​​presence in China personally with me formed clear duty return to

, what exactly for a week. During presented business trip I already another time felt power of Russian ineta.

Tourist Elena Likhach

Similar dazzling, sensitive and decent. Immediate loading of online sites or resources, necessary goals synchronization – much comprehended side by side.

I turned out to be satisfied totally to surf social networks, read new messages, posted full latest photocards.

In China, photos uploaded up to half an hour – that’s all this except hyperbolization.

Us too similar eerily irritated, yes indigenous similar norm.

Remember you, Internet service – he is still loading 10 seconds- 15 a we hurriedly closing tab in search of more and more nimble.

Never in my life not at all was contemplations several important minutes, waiting for end download. Considering that,

actually what Oleg watches videos in most cases as at least 1080p – Chinese Internet for him not suitable. The Chinese admire such a fact, actually what them personally video in format 480p loaded.

Travelers Elena and Oleg Likhach

Seeing this is of course I personally understood, before I personally, as well as each separate resident of Russia were on the online- paradise! In case with nerves not at all everything good,

therefore using the Chinese online from residents of other countries, appears mass your time for their total samples for stability.

You personally not at all have the opportunity pretty browsing news feed as fun, listed tedious. Network succeeds input, essentially necessarily for the sake of performance business problems.

Perception of the whole world in China The Chinese population has completely opposite worldview, dissimilar from large numbers nations.

Primitive city dwellers maybe and not at all suspect not good. Because of this cruel limits on web- the space hadn’t condemned by anyone.

Traveler Elena Likhach

Obediant Chinese without saying a word do all requirements given you can, living right here some time.

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