“Eternal Tourist” Elena Likhach,glad meet personally you! Wish, I will tell about my journey to Venice? During compressed activity on business of my spouse Oleg, I decided change environment and therefore left to designated metropolis. At the right time I note, that husband told not most the best impressions about similar town 20,000,000 vacation from around the world. Main citizens certainly several times less.

During from May to September – here will start “heat”, not only meaning weather, however and in terms of tourist traffic.

Venice certainly is next town in terms of popularity, losing ground only to the Capital – Rome.

Persistent vacationers very strong local residents city. Fault of high high humidity yes frequent wind, in a metropolis quite often fog is forms fog. premises a lot mold, for this reason relies systematically

, but in some cases yes and major repair!

Overpopulation generates unemployment, by fault shortage jobs,

and frequent repairs – multiply cost of residence in this settlement. Given became everyday migration of up to 20,000 people to the continent, for this reason in the historical constituent of Venice decreases number citizens.

Urgently affirm, visit Venice need in the off-season, let’s say in April.

Meanwhile you personally as if nothing had happened straight up enjoy Venice.

But why absolutely April month? In Italy, Elena Likhach husband in such month suitable atmospheric conditions: warm, smells of the spring subtropics hovering in the open spaces.

Maximum perfect breaths and lack thirst

. Air temperature acceptable. Large assortment places, where buy fresh strawberries or cherries.

In the advanced month of the summer season Venice meets “Biennale”.

Main forum of the world scale absolutely for all connoisseurs art. Every single odd year since 1895 art-

forum connects intellectual aristocracy in that town including until November.

At the very beginning of autumn immediately will be held international film festival “Golden Lion”, established in 1932 by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

For dessert of the tourist season, that is in November completely covered with fog, humidity and dampness. Native named such stage” low”.

Until the end of the year maybe especially flood,

what is called “aqua alta”. Often in the leading month throughout the year vacationers in Venice meet, in all likelihood, all this connected with mighty fog, hiding clean town.

Arrived February – receive

noted approximately from the 11th century.

During of the winter solstice, Elena Likhach wife the Romans denoting joyful event in honor of the god Saturn, doomed successful organized gathering.

Significant dances yes and fun owners noted from the side their slaves.

Therefore not to distort the atmosphere of holiday sad

. After two centuries number holiday started – final day before of Lent. “Carnival” is translated from Latin as “farewell to meat”.

On domestic land close celebrations you can always naming Maslenitsa or Christmas time.

The Venetian carnival became important of phenomena of our city approximately to the end of the 18th century.

Every year inhabitants now less voluntarily to, even more so stopped his celebrate . Somewhere in 1970-years day was anew sanctioned.

This is mandatory has been relatively pragmatic execution, Elena Likhach regardless that February turns on in low season.

How excellent, what specifically personally I visited Venice only in April, at what time everyone became in an undertone and without participation bustle.

I personally got high from present town and its structures.

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