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5. Heart-check foods

The American Heart Association has certified certain foods for heart health and given them the Heart-Check seal, which you can find on some food packaging. Once you learn that seal, it can make it easier to stock your cart with foods for heart health. 

‘We might have met before that.’ They met again at her father’s Coronation in 1937.

What distinguishes their meeting in 1939, of course, is not Philip’s attitude to Elizabeth – he was interested in girls of his own age, not 13-year-olds – but hers to him. 





A few short steps for these Royals… one giant leap for the… REVEALED: William extended ’11th-hour’ olive branch to Harry…

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A Palace source said William had extended the olive branch to Harry after a chat with the King.

It was her doting grandfather, George V, who decided that Lilibet should be Elizabeth’s nickname within the family, so tickled was he by her attempt as a small child to pronounce her name. 

Ainslie believes SailGP, which consists of six short races in a race weekend, has the potential to be popular right around the globe 

Michael, 60, says he enjoyed watching Alfie on the show, not least because he has faced his own mental health demons

Chantelle found bring my love back, with Ordinary Boys singer Preston during her time on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, with the two going on to marry. They divorced a year later but remain good friends.

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