Coco Chanel, the epitome of timeless, classic style and good taste, was full of sartorial wisdom, with much of it still holding true to this day. In tune with her modernist fashion aesthetic, Chanel installed faceted glass mirrors in her Paris couture salon around 1928. However, Coco Chanel overturned common sense of the dress. The brand has dressed some of the world’s most important people throughout the years, with every notable woman from Audrey Hepburn to Beyonc√© owning a Chanel skirt , dress or top.

At auction, vintage Chanel clothing is as popular with collectors and retro-loving fashionistas as it was when first released. Following Chanel’s death in 1971, the brand languished, searching fruitlessly for an appropriate successor who could be trusted with continuing her legacy.

Her coats were cut in the same style as her suit jackets, simply lengthened to the same level as the skirt hem. But while many luxury fashion brands have been battling to shore up falling sales, another sector of the fashion market has been basking in success.

Chanel loved adding masculine elements to her feminine designs because, she said, it empowered women. Some loyalists said the Chanel job should have gone to Saint Laurent, the established prince of French fashion, whose couture and ready-to-wear designs had a ladylike sophistication that suited the Chanel image.

replica designer jackets : Chanel. Navy jersey suits had schoolgirl-style blazer jackets and were banded with white trim or worn with knitwear striped in navy and white. From 1930 Chanel’s hemlines became longer and were slightly flared; she emphasized her waists, and her jackets had soft, bloused bodices.

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