Real Life Size Sex Dolls

There are a variety of realistic-sized sex dolls on the market. Some are customizable while others aren’t. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each. If you’re looking to find the most realistic doll, you should consider purchasing a custom doll.


You can personalize a real size sex doll according to your requirements. You can alter the skin textures and the color of the nipple, as well as the length and width of the vagina. You can change the hairstyle and accessories.

The TPE material that is supple that is used to create a customized sex doll ensures that the doll is believable. The doll’s pores appear real from the smallest to the deepest. You can personalize dolls in a completely anonymous manner through express delivery channels such as DHL.

You can add heels to the feet of your doll to make it more real-life. You can also raise it at your discretion, but it is essential to ensure that it has sufficient support. You can also buy an upgrade for its skeletal structure, including shrugging shoulders. Although this isn’t necessary to enhance sexual pleasure however it does make it easier to pose the doll in more realistic positions.

You can even change the head of your doll. You can pick male or female sexual doll. You’ll need to provide the information and a photo of the new head. Your customized sex doll will be created after you’ve made your purchase.

It can be difficult to select the right sex dolls for beginners. You will want to enjoy your doll as possible. Customized dolls can be expensive. Be patient and safe. Custom sex dolls may not be appropriate for everyone. Make sure you’re having fun with it!

A customized sex doll lets you bring your fantasies to life! Pick from a range of skin tones and body types. The color of the anus and vagina can be altered to give unique looks.


The WMDOLL real-life size sex dolls are available in a variety of sizes, and come with a variety of special features. Customers can personalize the dolls by choosing different skin tones and colors. Customers can select between TPE or gel-filled breasts and a range of mouth- and tongue options. They can also choose the size and color for the nipples as well as the labia.

WMDoll is a top Chinese firm that specializes in producing high-quality sexually explicit dolls. The dolls are constructed of thermoplastic rubber, which is extremely robust. It also provides an elastic, rubbery feel. Each doll is also safe from heat and comes with a broad range of options.

The manufacturing process is fairly complicated. A team of engineers develops the dolls. After the mold is created, layers of the material are added to it. The last layer is the TPE skin. The metal skeleton follows. This process continues until the final doll has been completed and is ready for shipment to the buyer.

The skin material is another distinction between WMDOLLs and other brands. The WM Dolls are made of TPE material which is more flexible than silicone. This makes them more realistic. Some WM dolls also come with silicone heads. The faces vary based on the price.

WMDOLL is among the world’s leading manufacturers of TPE sexual dolls. They have been in the business for a long time and have a stellar reputation. You can purchase these sex dolls directly from the manufacturer or from a range of online retailers.

Silicon Wives

If you’re searching for a real life-size sex doll that will fulfill your deepest fantasies, consider purchasing a Silicon Wives real life size doll that is sex. The dolls are available in many different styles and colors, and they are made from TPE and silicone. You can choose from a variety of skin tones, hair colors and body types.

The Silicon Wives website will ensure that the sex toys you purchase feel and appear exactly like real ones. The site provides comprehensive information about the company’s products, including buyer safety information and blog posts on the benefits of sexually explicit dolls. The company offers a broad range of customization options such as changing the doll’s appearance as well as hair color and skin color.

Silicon Wives dolls are constructed of high-quality materials, including silicone that is skin-safe and widely used for medical applications. They are comfortable and durable and will last for years if are properly taken care of. Unlike some dolls that can’t be cleaned, Silicon Wives dolls can be washed using soap and water to remain as pristine as when they first arrived.

Because a real-life size sexually explicit doll can be a huge investment, choosing the right one is vital. Silicon Wives has years of experience in the industry and provides the top models at the lowest price. You can pick from curvy, tall, Asian, or pregnant dolls. You can also buy accessories for your doll, like breast masturbators.

Silicon Wives’ sex toys are made from hypoallergenic TPE material. Their torsos can be bent into various positions and are extremely realistic. They also have a real sexual organ. They also have realistic eyelashes, a skeleton made of metal and real eyelashes.


Real life-sized sexual dolls are becoming popular in the present, and many partners are now accepting them. These life-size dolls can be used to replicate oral vaginal, anal, and oral sex. They can be used in all sexual positions. They are also able to be charged, which helps make them appear more real.

These dolls are made of premium materials such as silicone and tpe. The silicone is safe, not polluting, and the tpe is flexible and long-lasting. You can modify her body, so she can accomplish whatever you can imagine. It’s also carefully designed to give her a realistic appearance.

The sex dolls can be found in various sizes and shapes. The size you choose will determine the quality of the experience. Because it determines how real and intense your sex experience will be the size is important. The ideal size for you will be determined by your height and strength.

You can buy a life-size sex model that is modeled on your favorite pornstar. This model has an incredibly soft TPE body with realistic orifices. The deepest orifice is the vagina, while the smallest is the mouth. If you’re not comfortable with the narrower orifice you can get more faces if you need to.

You can also get your doll personalized so that it is a reflection of your personality. You can program facial expressions, and move your neck and head. These dolls are as close to a real woman as technology can allow. The doll’s stainless steel joints allow it to look as real as possible.


The Natalia real life size doll is a very enticing the torso. She has blue eyes and Carmel hair with the skin tone of tan. She’s 2 1/2” tall and weighs 55lbs. She has a round figure in her hips and breasts, and loves to wear hot underwear. She is a gorgeous figure and is stunning in any outfit.

The internal structure of the genital area is perfectly reproduced. Multiple folds and the g-spot add stimulation and real sexual attraction. The doll is made from medical silicone (TPE) that can be used in a safe manner and has a similar texture to human skin.

Natalia is available in different sizes and weights. She is delivered in a 18-inch box and weighs 1587 pounds. She is delivered via an express courier service that only operates in the UK. It is possible that the doll will have to be carried by at least two people due to its weight.

After using the doll it is recommended to clean it thoroughly. This will stop the doll from collecting dust and other particles. It is recommended not to put it in a single place for too long. Always clean the doll using a soft cloth after you have used it. Avoid using irons or hair dryers to dry the doll. In addition, you should wash the doll regularly with warm water and mild antibacterial soap.

Why Lifelike Male Dolls Is A Must At The Very Least Once In Your Lifetime

The Benefits of Owning a Real Life Love Doll

Like real life, a real life-long love doll doesn’t cheat on you. They aren’t susceptible to viruses and can be more flexible than real women. They also offer realistic sex. Learn more about the advantages of owning a loving doll. You can purchase an adorable doll for your special someone for as little as $10.

Sex dolls aren’t going to cheat on your partner

One reason that men cheat is because they feel that their partner isn’t capable of meeting their sexual desires. Sex dolls, on the other hand, are an alternative solution to satisfy these needs. They are simple to use and don’t require complex. Certain men develop emotional attachments to these products. It all depends on your relationship rules whether your partner is willing to let you use a sex doll.

Another reason why sex dolls are loved is that they’re realistic. They look so real many owners of sex dolls end up buying another after they’ve become adept at sex. They don’t require a lot of attention like real women. They’re also more flexible than a real woman, so they’re able perform a wider variety of sexual acts.

The lifespan of a sex-doll is long enough that most of them can last for many years without noticing any wear and tear. Owners have been known to experiment in rough oral and even anal sex with their dolls. The remedies available over the counter can easily repair cuts on the skin of sex dolls.

Despite the fact men have historically been the majority of sex doll owners and owners, women are just as content with their sex dolls. In fact, sex doll owners have lower levels of depression and other mental health issues than the general population. This isn’t a research-based study but it is important to note that the majority owners of sex dolls are happy with their purchase.

Using a sex doll may be a good idea for someone who is shy or has trouble having sexual relations. While it’s not going to stop cheating, it may increase the sexual pleasure of the user. Many doll owners have social accounts for their dolls.

Although it’s not a legal marriage however, a sex toy can be your life partner. One man sees his doll as his wife. He calls him “iDollator” and believes he’s an “real” man. They’re wearing matching wedding rings and are planning the possibility of a 15th anniversary.

They don’t carry viruses

Since they are pre-assembled with an anti-septic sterilizer and then sealed prior to delivery, real life love dolls are not susceptible to virus. They also undergo a rigorous sanitary inspection before being shipped domestically. The UK government has also placed additional inspection requirements for Chinese products. The COVID-19 virus would destroy the WHOLE WUHAN POPULATION!

STIs are a major public safety issue. The majority of sexually active people suffer from at least one. Although real-life love dolls aren’t infected with viruses, it is important to be aware and understand how to protect yourself. The majority of STI infections are spread through sexually threatening behavior. Young women are at the highest risk of contracting them.

The Coronavirus pandemic didn’t affect every industry. In fact the sex-doll industry has seen a huge increase in sales at the same time as the Coronavirus pandemic. The sex industry is more filled than it was just a year ago. The reason for the spike is the fact that more people are turning to the virtual world of sexuality.

Real life love dolls are immune to viruses, dolls life size contrary to what is reported. They are made of sterile materials and are not susceptible to infection or virus. They are manufactured in China and shipped worldwide. The delivery time is two weeks for most goods. They are often manufactured in dangerous environments and should be inspected for damage prior to purchasing them.

People who live in huge cities usually have no contact with their neighbors and live hectic lives. A love doll can help them build an emotional connection. The love doll will help them express their feelings without fearing the consequences of their actions. Additionally it will allow them to have fun with sexual encounters while being safe and completely free.

They are more flexible than real women

Sex dolls are a great way to simulate sex and are more flexible than real women. The skeleton of a sex model allows it to take on any position, whether it’s an animal or missionary position. And unlike real women, dolls do not have to worry about being injured because of a lack of flexibility.

Sex dolls are also much more real than real women. Many people find them real and eventually purchase a second doll after they’ve become an expert. They are also more flexible than real women, allowing you to perform more outrageous sexual activities without having to worry about emotional connection.

They provide life-like sex

These miniature sex dolls are fantastic for those who want to experience real-life sex without the risks. They’re made of a metallic skeleton that doesn’t get tired or sick. They’re also comfortable enough to wear for naked or sex, and come in a variety of sexual positions.

Many couples are accepting real love dolls. They are used to mimic vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Some even come with charging functions to make them feel more real. Lifelike dolls are a great option if you want to explore something new.

A sex doll can help a person with a variety of needs, including loneliness. Many dolls can serve various other purposes other than sexual. For instance, they can help people with disabilities discover their sexuality. They can also be used to help children with disabilities or for social isolation. Whatever their use they provide real sex that can be just as thrilling and enjoyable as having sex with a real human.

Real life love dolls are available for purchase at a range of prices. Some of the most realistic models are available in the lower cost ranges. They don’t have the same features that are available on more expensive models. You might want to consider buying a cheaper model if you don’t have the funds to spend more than two hundred dollars. There are a variety of affordable models that look authentic and can make a difference to your sexy life. For instance, Lorna is a life size sex doll for under 200 dollars. She’s stunning and real.

While many mainstream life size dolls have silicone or TPE, these dolls can be made of various materials. TPE is a flexible material which doesn’t cause allergic reactions. TPE can be used in conjunction with stainless steel skeletons which allow the doll to bend while maintaining a feminine shape.

Another benefit to using a real-life love doll is that it isn’t likely to get pregnant. There is no need to worry about the security of the sex doll as it is sterile when you receive it. Although you don’t have to worry about getting an infection transmitted sexually using one, it is essential to clean the doll after every use.

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