Introduces new nuances and intensities to the Oud and bringing out new nuances, the tom ford oud wood private blend Ford Oud Wood Intense offers a more intense, complex scent. This oil is often copied, but never duplicated. It intensifies the Oud’s power. The warmth and richness of the Oud is ignited by the cypress and angelica roots. The result is an aroma that is both intense and powerful.


Oud Wood is a classic example of a classic scent. This scent is both classic and sophisticated. It blends notes of patchouli and sandalwood with oud. It’s a woody and masculine scent that’s approachable and delicious at times. What are the best ways to wear it? Let’s discover how to wear it. What is the scent and purpose of Oud Wood?

Oud’s scent is woody and sweet with subtle spice. Tom Ford Oudwood Intense is a fruity and woody scent with an undertone of smoke. Oud is a multi-faceted ingredient. Ford’s Oud Wood Incense is no exception. Other ingredients include angelica, ginger and the cypress. The smell of Oud Wood is fresh and fresh, it has distinctive leathery, smoky and spicy element.

Oud Wood is part Tom Ford’s Private Blend Collection. It includes twelve eau de parfums. The scent’s nose, Richard Herpin, developed the scent, and it is available in 50ml and oud wood tom ford 100ml 250 ml Eau de Parfum. If you’re considering purchasing Oud Wood, Fragrantica has data on its background. Fragrantica allows you to read reviews and Tom Ford Oud Wood Private Blend track the interest in Oudwood from Ford over time.

Oud Wood is a timeless beloved that has seen its packaging change. The original blend of spices and woods is still present, but the vanilla, cardamom, and tonka bean add an elegant and soft scent. Oud Wood transforms the precious agarwood into an elegant and sophisticated part of the perfumer’s palette. This scent is as hot and sexy as Mr. Ford’s Skyfall suits. It’s the perfect scent for the season.

Scent split

Oud Wood was one of the most innovative scents in Western perfumery and tom ford oud Wood private blend Tom Ford has done it again with the launch of his brand new Scent Split line. Oud Wood Intense is a more intense version of the famous scent. It has a higher concentration and additional notes. It is a strong combination of wood, spice, musk and has been dubbed a “disaster”.

Scent Split recycles authentic fragrance bottles into smaller containers. Tom Ford Oud Wood Scented Split is not associated with Tom Ford. You can be certain that each item has the genuine product. The discovery and acquisition of rare orchids led to the scent. The scent is reminiscent timeless luxury , and blends the elegance of a luxury home with the sensuality that is derived from the finest woods.

Rebottles of Scent Split

A Scent Split is a novel method of bottle-rebottling scents. Scent Split allows you to rebottle the entire scent in smaller bottles, instead of having it all released in one bottle. It blends Chinese pepper with exotic woods for a luscious smokey scent. The bottles contain the same scent, but are recapped. It’s an excellent way to test a new scent without spending the money.

Splitting your fragrance into two separate bottles allows you to save money while still enjoying the same fragrance. By dividing your scent into two distinct bottles You’ll be able save more than 50% on the initial cost of purchase. You can also cut down on shipping costs with split rebottles! Be sure to check the date on the rebottle as well as the availability of new bottles. We are available to answer any questions you may have. We will respond to your as soon as possible!

Tom Ford Rose De China is another popular Scent Split fragrance. The Rose De Chine scent has an ambery fragrance and hint of Chinese peony. Its main notes are Labdanum and Myrrh. A few people have had great success with this scent rebottles. However, I have discovered that the original bottle is available at your local department store.

Another scent available for split rebottles is Oud Flower. Oud Flower is a delicate scent, but it’s an enchanting, sensual scent. It’s difficult not to purchase it even when you’re on an extremely tight budget. You’ll still be able to smell the perfume even if you’re a student, tom ford oud wood 100ml but you’ll save even more money if you get an unopened bottle at a reduced price.


The most intense version of Oud Wood from Tom Ford introduces the fullest saturation and new dimensions to the aroma. Oft copied, the Intense is different from any other scent of oud. The Intense scent is unique and cannot be replicated. It was developed using strong ingredients. Its smoldering grip on angelica roots and cypress ignites the scent to its fullest force.

It is warm and rich with notes of golden amber, tonka bean and sweet vetiver. Tom Ford Oud Wood is neither sweet nor masculine, but it can be both approachable as well as delicious. It is also considered to be among the more expensive fragrances in the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection. It is currently available in 250ml bottles. Fragrantica’s trending tool can track the fragrance’s popularity over time. You can also read reviews written by Fragrantica members.

Oud Wood was one of the first contemporary Western scents to introduce the oud note. It is a distinctive feature which is not commonly used in other scents. Ford was the artistic director of Yves Saint Laurent when it first launched in 2002, and it was one of the first fragrances to feature this note. Since then, the scent has been a timeless classic. Oud Wood is one the three scents in the Oud Collection. It is founded on the basic accords patchouli, sandalwood, Eucalyptus and Oud.

Where can I purchase

The richness and opulence of Tom Ford Oud wood Intense is unmatched in the industry. It is often copied, but never replicated. Its true power can be unleashed by intensification. The flames of angelica’s roots and cypress are the catalysts for the blend. Whether you want to smell the earthy, woody notes or a fresh and crisp aroma, you’ll find it in the Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense.

The Tom Ford Oud Wood fragrance range began as a singular scent, but has since expanded to include perfumes, body lotions, and bath products. The scent is distinguished by its distinct scent, enchanting aroma, and it is packaged in elegant Tom Ford bottles. The Oud Wood collection is available in 250 and 50 ml bottles, and the reviews and ratings of Fragrantica members show that the fragrance has been getting more popular with time.

While the original Oud Wood has been subject to changes, its powerful blend of woods and spices remains the same. It now has vanilla bean and tonka bean to make it easier to handle and less intimidating. The glowing grip of angelica root and cypress energize the Oud Wood’s full power and brings it into the 21st century.

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